Yahoo!!!! Final presentation done!


So tonight was my chance to present my final presentation to my graduate class. The project I chose to complete called for a the redevelopment of a blighted mall space here in downtown Columbus.  The name of the mall is City Center.

My plan was created as a way to invigorate Columbus by applying trends in retail design and urban planning. The design primarily hinged on the idea of connections, linkages, and circulation as a means of producing a destination space within the cities core.

Though much is still to be decided, I think my project is a definite beginning.

More pictures of my project are displayed below


Other random images from the night.

Julie 🙂


Trent, as smooth as ever!


2 responses to “Yahoo!!!! Final presentation done!

  1. I loved your plan. It looks like a good potential direction. The whole ideal of opening up the space, inviting foot traffic from outside seems like a better use of the facility than tearing it all down or using it as it stands now. Send this plan to the Man for consideration!

  2. LOl, thank you Greg. That’s super funny. I’ve gotta get Michael Colemans attention, and to do so I will invite Al Sharpton to come sing and dance around our wonderful streets. Maybe he could collab w/ that trippy group of characters we saw in Emack & Bolio’s.

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