To upgrade, or not to upgrade….that is the question.

Some time has passed since I first began using wordpress to digitally document my various ramblings. Though I initially feared the rigors of managing, posting, commenting, and updating my blog would grow tiresome, my current impressions of monitoring this platform are very positive. Using technology vis-a-vis blogging as a means of connecting myself with family / friends / people has been an interest of mine for some time now. Additionally, a blog is a way for me to share my various learning’s and professional points of interests with potential clients, colleagues, and constituents in a creative and accessible way.

But as much as I like the current state of, I still feel there is untapped potential sitting latent in the trenches of html on my site. I have expressed an interest in updating my blog in the following ways:

Changing layout / design to incorporate more of my design interest and style – This would also require the additional hidden cost of taking the time needed to learn css, php, and other interweb garbaly gook. Luckily, I have a very smart girlfriend who’s got a handle on a majority of these web related systems.

Purchasing the domain of – This would also increase functionality and flexibility allowing for more storage and private email space through the use of a web hosting company. is the company K uses, and seems to be satisfied with the service. Hosting is also needed in order for me to customize my blog design interface.

Seeking ways to increase readership and traffic to – I would continue to express myself in various ways through my content i.e., video, music, and text, but I would not want my content to loose its current tone and simple style. I’ll leave that kind of pop culture bashing up to the crunktasticals and bossips of the blogoshpere.


3 responses to “To upgrade, or not to upgrade….that is the question.

  1. I would definitely recommend upgrading to your own domain – after that the content really is yours -if you move hosts, or your existing host company is rubbish or you don’t like wordpress etc, then you just need to point your domain somewhere else – no need to go around and tell everyone that you have moved.
    A domain is probably easier to remember to (and more professional).
    If you are going to look at using wordpress (which is very simple to set up) then I would recommend a host that provides you with a “1 click installation” – you answer a few questions and the software is installed. It is quick, easy and they also will do the updates for you. If you have ssh access then it makes the installation of plugins and widgets a lot easier as you dont have to worry about downloading files to your computer, extracting them and then re-uploading back to your hosting company.

  2. Thank you very much for you informative post. I have decided to purchase hosting through Total Choice in order to afford myself more functionality with my content and site. Do you have any resources you would recommend for a newbie interested in starting a website?

  3. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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