Throwback Friday – 2008/01/18


Haha! A short and sweet throwback image from the archives for you all to enjoy. This is a shot my mother captured of Lateef and I after a soccer game. We were two contributors to the Hornets, a little league soccer team here in Columbus, Ohio. Our team was just one of several other camps that made up the Metro Soccer Leagues.
This soccer camp was one of my first experiences in competitive sports. This experience did a great job of teaching me the importance of integrity, honesty, friendship, teamwork, competition, and a whole host of other important character building qualities. This particular camp was also significant in that it was an opportunity for young black males to socialize and engage with other minority boys at in a form of competitive sports other than, football or basketball. Not that those two sports aren’t important, its just the exposure that this program offered gave us a great sense of community and pride that resonated throughout all of the players.
Many of the players from this camp I still see from time to time and this camp is something we reflect upon as a invaluable experience. Thank you mom; you have great forethought.
I wish I stayed with the keyboard, 🙂.

One response to “Throwback Friday – 2008/01/18

  1. I think my mother had the same perspective when she signed me up in gymnastics…only thing is I never really got the opportunity to bond with other black girls. It WAS however, a great point of community pride.

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