Perseverance for a fee….

I’m no psychic but I can say without the shadow of a doubt that life is an evolutionary process. By this, I mean, that the things we experience are in a constant kinetic state. This undulating epoch of experience requires several key qualities, one of the least of which is perseverance.

As a christian, my first point of reference is Gods prophetic word in all of its infinite wisdom and guiding principles. Two scriptures that come to mind regarding perseverance include the following:

Romans 5:3: Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance….
James 1:4: Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything….

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, or things are eerily rosy some albatross circles into your atmosphere and changes things. This change is when our perseverance is challenged and our mettle tested.

This ‘kinetic evolution’ is the current state of calamity which has confronted me as of late.

Let me explicate…..
I’ve have had the same vehicle for almost four yeas now and up to this point, my 98’ Hyundai Sonata has been a reliable, comfortable, and stable machine. Its had a few run-ins with the reaper but always managed to escape unscathed. So what’s the problem then Carl, you ask.
Well that just it, as of late Hyundai has been giving me serious issues. After having patiently waited three weeks for my cousin to try and fix things cheaply and my dear loving family and dear loving girlfriend taking turns providing me with rides to and from the job things are beginning to take there toll. Not only has this three week long ordeal left me with no results its also given me a less than stellar perspective of my above stated unreliable cousin.

To finally try and bring some closure to the situation I sought the professional help of a local technician in here in Olde Town East. Having already dealt with the logistical nightmare of having the vehicle towed from mom’s house….another story of itself, the vehicle arrived safely at National Auto Repair at around 2:00 p.m. today. Now being the extreme type ‘A’ person that I am, I called the technician in advance and bullied as much information, pricing diagnosis as humanly possible out of him without giving them the vehicle. I was lifted after this conversation as he quoted me with a figure of $35-45 to fix what “I thought” was wrong.

I know right totally cool, I’m all about that price! Can I pay you in Now-N-Laters or would you like actual money. But the conversation which transpired on Saturday was short lived when they called me today with bad news.

Apparently, I not only had a bad slave cylinder, but my entire pressure plate has “blown up”. This is an easy fix and will cost somewhere in the “affluent” neighborhood of $500-600 to correct. But here’s the kicker, the tech thinks there may be something else wrong with the transmission, which resulted in my pressure plate pulling a Jackie Chan on itself. That’s his suspicion, but to find out exactly would be another $250. Great :-/

I’m still not totally sure what I will do. I’ve got call in to ‘cousin unreliable’ to see if he’s got a way to solve this problem that doesn’t involve me emptying out my account.

2 responses to “Perseverance for a fee….

  1. I dont know homie…I dont think I can help you with this one (like the good ‘ol days). Maybe time for a new ride. You deserve it, so I say splurge.

  2. You’re right homie. Although I’m kind of diggin the whole no car payment thing. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a dope used vehicle non the less.

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