Links for 2008-03-04

Interesting things from the interweb:

Obama thanks namesake Japanese town –
Interesting read. Thank you Obama Japan

Apple Time Capsule unboxing and preview –
Clever little device.

‘West Wing’ -Obama Mash Up –
Done only the way Boomtown can.

Video: Floyd Norris on Foreclosures vs Homes Sold –
More bad terrible news about housing.

One response to “Links for 2008-03-04

  1. The Foreclosure Market
    As a financial professional, working for both a commercial bank and a real estate brokerage, I agree CD’s are next. The dollar is hurting so bad right now that CD’s are starting to look like personal savings accounts. Savings Bonds suck too, thats obsolete money if you ask me, lol. We need a new system to manage the economy, not one that depends so heavily on how much debt the average citizen can rack up.

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