New desk

Paid a trip to a new retail venture which just recently set up shop here in Ohio. The Westchester Ikea opened it’s doors to much fanfare on Wednesday. As I stewed thinking about what priority of purchases I would need to get first, a desk was the most logical answer. Although the desk from my adolescence was very functional I felt like it might just be a tad on the small size.

Saturday peedie and I trudged through the wet and cold to arrive safely at our destination. As to be expected, parking was a complete nightmare. After some creative ducking and dodging we finally were parked in entered into the building. Let me provide some context to my Ikea experiences to help further shade some fanboy seriousness to this story.

The only other time I had set foot in this fanciful footprint of functional feasts was in New Haven, Conn. This trip was cut very short given that fact that my sister and I were in the process of moving her back home from Providence and we still faced another 8 hours of drive time to make it back to Columbus from Conn. So as we darted from one space to another, from show room, to self pick, to cafe, I couldn’t helped but to feel jipped out of having a true unrushed experience. That’s what made the opening of the Ohio store so much more exciting for me. The only way it could have been more exciting was if the store had been opening in Columbus and not Westchester.

So peedie and I walk in and manage to navigate through the stampede of patrons gathered at the front. We visit several show room sections and I select a desk from the hundreds on display. I wanted something that was sturdy, modern, clean, and functional. I had no problems settling on the Jonas desk in the brich color. Peeide and I had dinner and took a quick drive around Westchester before heading home around 8 p.m. Saturday evening. Great right, not so.

Once I got the desk home and began to unbox the item is when I discovered a crack in the side panel of the desk top. Bummer. So this Sunday was also spent making the 1 hour 20 minute trip from Columbus to Westchestet to exchange the broken desk top. My brother and sister accompanied me on today’s go around. It was major fun. Moral of the story….check out everything you purchase from Ikea before you get it home. Especially if you don’t live within a stones throw of the place.


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