A more perfect union

potent, effective, strong, dynamic, historic!!!

3 responses to “A more perfect union

  1. Yes, it was a gutsy speech. But, it was the speech he has been avoiding all along. He was forced into it. And, I dont find it convincing.

    Obama used an emotional device to get the listener to stop thinking. “I will not disown” This language gets us to feel an emotional bond. But, emotional bonds to people with wicked thoughts and who teach lies and falsehoods are dangerous.

    Obama ought to disown this man, not yesterday, but 20 years ago. Obama upon hearing that Klannish thinking should have run the other way.

    But, Obama held on to Wright and Trinity because they were his tie to a black community he had never been a part of. Obama, from an elite prep school in Hawaii and Harvard, was looking for street cred in the hood. He has used Wright for 20 years. And, this is just as evil as the words of Wright himself.

  2. Fr. J. – he was not avoiding this topic. How can you avoid blackness when there is the quintessential visual cue. He was trying not to make his campaign the race for the nation’s first black president and now he’s being cornered to right where the media wanted him all along. Don’t be so shallow. We all have people we respect, admire, hell they’re in our family that have some points of view that you don’t agree with sometimes. It doesn’t mean you have to disown them.

    And what’s wrong with an educated black man with a privileged background? That just makes me want to shake his hand and say “atta boy!” because he got his share of American pie. I can’t stand to hear when people question his blackness.

  3. I could not care less whether he is black or white or purple. I care about ideas. I also care about the destructive dynamics of race.

    Although I am pro life, I was open to Obama as long as he really could heal the race wound. Now I see he is not a racial healer but a racial partisan. He now can only make things worse. His use of “typical white person” in the speech and in an interview has confirmed for me that he is not competent to be the post-racial candidate he was supposed to be.

    I am also glad he went to Harvard and has done well for himself. I just dont think he can be our president.

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