When Big Business Eats Organic

An interesting article released by the NY Times regarding the organic foods industry and the acquisition of small organic companies by larger conglomerates.  If you thought your Earthbound Organic salad was produced by some small farm out west, think again.  Larger companies are becoming more aware of the higher margins that selling organic products command and they want in!  Just yesterday, I noticed a study conducted by the OCA which, yielded most disheartening results.

This has always fueled my reluctance for the current coporate push behind buying and producing “organic” goods and services.  It is a consummate catch 22.  On one hand you’re creating goods and services that are meets and bounds beyond those services created by conventional standards, but on the other hand, in an effort to increase scalability, the visceral integrity that once existed with the organic products could become compromised behind of the guise of a corporations strategic agenda. 

I’d hate for the latter to happen, but we’ve seen it too many times before.  My advice is to stay well informed and by local whenever possible.

When Big Business Eats Organic
NYT, March 19, 2008

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