Story time, originally uploaded by farrisbulen.
Spent yesterday morning volunteering at Columbus College of Art and Designs (CCAD) Saturday Morning Art Classes (SMAC). As a past participant in these classes I felt privileged and honored to have been given the opportunity to help instruct the students with their designs. The project scope entails the sixth graders to design, plan, and develop a public park located at the corner of Long St. and Washington Ave.
Most important to the elements affecting the park’s design is the students need to adapt their park ideas to incorporate cultural symbols and characteristics from famed artists Aminah Robinson and Elijah Pierce. Both Aminah and Elijah have a significant historical association with the planned site and both are celebrated legends in Columbus’ large art community. After having already surveyed the site and built a proper base plan to 1/4″=1′-0″ scale, yesterday was their chance to put their ideas to work. It was very exciting to see the student’s explore design ideas as they embarked on their journey’s as budding artists. I was honored to share the experience with them.

Here are some shots from the class. Enjoy 🙂






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