Geek-out Session: 2008-03-29

Last Saturday following my teaching engagement I participated in a photo geek-out session hosted by the ober talented Patrick Crawford of Spindle Studios. Nick Fancher of Shutter-Think photography coordinated the wonderful event. Also participating in the event was Bryan Fenstermacher from Fenstermacher-Photo, Chris Keels of Keels Photography, and Robin Oatts of Genre Creative.

I arrived at around 12:30 and the session was already in full bore. It was an absolute pleasure to be among such talented, humble, and kind photographers. Aside from looking like a child running around Chuck E. Cheese I was extremely eager to soak up all the knowledge being conveyed. I managed to take some semi-decent images in the process.

Our beautiful model, Laruga , is a consummate professional and was just as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside. As a yoga instructor, she was able to contort herself into all kinds of interesting poses and sustain these positions for minutes on end. Laruga was a trooper, after 5 hours of shooting she was just as powerful with her posing towards the end the session. It was an honor to shoot with such a peaceful and kind spirited professional.

Some behind the scene’s stuff from the shoot 🙂

Told you, embarrassing right?

Fenster framing the shot.

Bryan, Chris, and Patrick reviewing some shots.

Robin observing the scene.

Other shots available on Tumblr

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