Happy birthday baby!

This is Peedie, the love of my life. She’s an amazingly talented designer, singer, actress, and person of whom I have the privilege of calling my girlfriend. Over the course of our relationship we have learned, shared, discovered, and grown more and more in love with one another. She shows me how to be a more humble, sincere, honest, strong, and understanding person. I am eternally in her debt.

This past weekend she celebrated her 27th bday at Tasi Cafe. It was a fabulous time. Merrari, Quanus, and Terea accompanied us to the cafe for some fun, family, and friends.

Afterwards we visited Karma for a surprise performance by national recording group ‘Day 26’

Check out some of her work: Flickr

Check out what she grooves to: Muxtape

4 responses to “Happy birthday baby!

  1. Ah, your girlfriend seems real cool. I wouldn’t expect anything less đŸ™‚

  2. Awww, thank you very much Liz. She’s super great! I keep telling her to contact you, as you both share a lot of the same interests. Smart, talented, and ambitious women of color should all unite and take over the world.

  3. her hair is sweet. i went to tasi for the first time this weekend. pretty good.

    thanks for your comment on my blog. it’s been great meeting you, i’m excited for more geek sessions.

  4. Haha. She’ going to love the hair comment. I agree with you regarding Tasi. It’s got some really good soups, and pastries.

    I’m super hyped for next months tech session. Supposedly Patrick found some dope warehouse that’s all kinds of spooky.

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