Doctor Awkward

Doctor Awkward, originally uploaded by farrisbulen.

Had the privilege of shooting a new indie rock band on Sunday. These images are to be incorporated into an overall press-kit that my friend Russell is creating. The band’s name is “Doctor Awkward” and their sounds is…..well I’ve actually never heard any of there stuff but, if their personalities are a baramoter for their sound then, it’s huge!

The band consists of:

Dennis – guitar

Stephanie – vocals

Phil – bass

Mark – drums

Each member brings a different positive light to the group and you could sense that they’ve formed a deep respect for one another.

I look forward to catching some of their shows once this press kit gets finished.


3 responses to “Doctor Awkward

  1. Great photos, I’m looking forward to hearing them. Looks like fun alt pop.

  2. HAha! Totally Greg. I will have to keep you posted on their shows. They really are a group of funs cats.

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