Wii Ware test drive

So Nintendo Wii, to much fanfare, finally debut their Wii Ware store. Having played my brother Quanus’ 360, with its assortment of original titles which debut directly from the console, I knew what to expect but, boy was I surprised at the first few games.

Of the six titles released today, the most interesting to me was the game entitled Lost Winds. After playing a couple rounds of Mario Kart, I managed to pull myself away from cursing the game out and purchased Lost Winds later this evening. After reading up the game controls and the story line I dove in!

First Impressions:

The game is beautifully rendered. I think this was the first thing that captured my attention. Though it was a little on the steep side at 1,000 Wii points the game thus far has been well worth it. The movement of Toku, the main character is very fluid and lives up to the titles name with its whimsical feel.

The story has yet to pick up but, thus far Toku is on a journey to defeat Balasar-an evil spirit-from world domination. Using his newly found friend Enril, a wind spirit, Toku embarks on his mystical quest.

2 responses to “Wii Ware test drive

  1. I like the new banner (or the banner I just notice). Did you make it?

  2. haha. Na, my girlfriend made it. She’s super slick w/ Adobe stuff. She’s scheming on another header as well.
    Thanks for noticing. I was thinking about changing them w/ the seasons, hence the lilies.

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