My Mayor is better than your Mayor v-2.0

I think I’m going to start this “My mayor is better than your mayor” topic as a reoccurring theme in which I’ll post funny, inspiring, intrepid, or interesting things regarding Columbus’ famed mayor, Michael Coleman.

And as if your mayor could do better. This is kind of a random post but its just too good to let slide. As I left moms house Tuesday afternoon to take on a freelance photography project (more on this later) full bore I noticed a whole gang of cars parked along our normally deserted to the point that not even ants are seen traveling down street. Some fifty cars had managed to squeeze along Cole and Bulen leaving barely any space for cross traffic to egress.

You can bet I was surprised but not totally as I remembered the new Home Again project which just wrapped up construction not but two weeks prior. My family and I were all stoked in anticipation of it’s big reveal because we caught wind that Mayor Michael Coleman would be through to publicly address the project. So jump back to me as I walk out of my house and remember this exciting news. I immediately took out my 30D walked to the back of my house to see a whole mob of people standing out in the street. It was like something right off of Channel 3! City officials, businessmen, bankers, civilians, the media, and me. With all the gear strapped to my back I’m sure people thought I was part of the paparazzi, there to emphatically document the big news, but only if they really new.

What a poser I am. At one point I swear the Mayor starred right at me with this look that said, “Well, if your going to take pictures at least you could get a little closer.”


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