E*4 = Eric*Eric Jr.*Evan*Ethan* :)

Any one who knows me and my relationship with my 98′ Hyundai Sonata, knows that it’s a bit of a love hate thing. I love her, and she, in return, hates on me by taking me through problems and issues. Well, over the last months my car has been giving me, yet again, issues. I took her to my cousin Eric’s to see if he could help.

After almost 4 weeks of work-he worked on the car during his down time-I’ve got her back. She’s still idiling weird, but her overall ride is smooth and several other issues have been squelched.

Here are some pictures taken while I was getting the car. Eric, his son’s, Ethan, Evan, and Eric Jr. are pictured. As well as their uncle Terry, and my brother Quanus.

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