After almost three separate times of listening to the entire album, I’m listening to N*E*R*D’s new album ‘Seeing Sounds’ again. Standout track has been Spaz thus far. Although, ‘Aint Matter’ is silly good too. It appeals to the DJ Krust / LTJ Bukem in me. 🙂


Work week

Obama makes history

Unboxing the goodies

Katawi has been wanting to upgrade her setup for as long as I’ve known her and recently, she was able to do so. We’ve both heard some good things about Apples reconditioned gear so she thought, “why not give it a try.” I think her expression says it all.

Here are some shots from the unboxing of her new gear. Oh BTW, these shots were all made possible by utilizing borrowed gear from “the professor”. On the 30D was Canon’s 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM lens with a Canon 580 Ex speedlite attached. All lights shot in these photos were bounced off of white ceilings in the apt. Those geek sessions are really starting to pay off and Fenstermacher has all the tools, knowledge, and the talent to help elevate, even the most rudimentary skills like mine.

E*4 = Eric*Eric Jr.*Evan*Ethan* :)

Any one who knows me and my relationship with my 98′ Hyundai Sonata, knows that it’s a bit of a love hate thing. I love her, and she, in return, hates on me by taking me through problems and issues. Well, over the last months my car has been giving me, yet again, issues. I took her to my cousin Eric’s to see if he could help.

After almost 4 weeks of work-he worked on the car during his down time-I’ve got her back. She’s still idiling weird, but her overall ride is smooth and several other issues have been squelched.

Here are some pictures taken while I was getting the car. Eric, his son’s, Ethan, Evan, and Eric Jr. are pictured. As well as their uncle Terry, and my brother Quanus.

I’m super excited!!!

I’m super excited in anticipation of the next Coen Brother’s release.

Burn After Reading

R.I.P Camu Tao…I still can’t believe this. :(

Camu Tao -Tero Smith, June 6, 1977 – May 25, 2008 was a Columbus native MC and producer who was signed to the Definitive Jux label. He was a part of the duo S.A. Smash with fellow rapper Metro (Keith Lawson), a part of the rap group Weathermen, and part of the Central Services production team with El-P.

Smith died this past Sunday May 25, 2008, after a two-year battle with lung cancer.

I remember my dudes and I touring around Columbus back in the day catching wreck to all kinds of beat tapes and silly sessions recorded by these guys (MHz). Props can attest to the debauchery. Camu’s verse on Kryptonite will forever be a favorite of mine.

He is deeply missed.