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Nick’s New Crib

Congratulations to Nick, and to his recent purchase of some swank new diggs. He’s doing amazing things and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Great job brother 🙂


Dinner w/ the Arnold’s

The many faces of Michael

One of my best friends from highschool. Michael is a true gemini in every sense of the term. He is often splitting personalities between expressing some of the most eloquent prose to producing some of the oddest unintended remarks.

He continually urges me to grow as an artist, a friend, and believer in Christ. As of late, Mike has been keeping my spirit uplifted through our exchange of various daily biblical verses, quotes, and mantras

More shots of the homie.


To tweet or not to tweet?

As silly of a question as that may seem, I have asked several of my friends that exact query.

Anyone else who has discovered the phenomenal communicatory tool of Twitter has to agree on both, its ease of use and addictive nature. I have been hip to the social micro-blogging platform for more than a year now but have just recently decided to utilize its services.

Why might you ask? Well, easy…..

1. Privacy– I don’t be wantin my bidness out on blast for everyone in the world to read.

2. Need – I asked myself, will I use, or, more importantly, do I need yet another “social networking” type of site. Having already been a contributing member of several other sites I couldn’t figure out how Twitter would be of any benefit.

2. Time – As mentioned above, with more and more of me feeling like my time is getting sucked into checking, updating, reviewing, commenting, and managing other sites, I felt it would only bog me down to have another place that required my online attention.

So what made you decided to go ahead and join? Well, easy….

Besides Twitter being a great way to respond and update large groups of people, I found it less inundating than say…a myspace page or personal blog.

Tweets (a.k.a. twitter posts) can only be a maximum of 140 characters long. So brevity is key. No more reading peoples novel like replies to simple questions. Not only that, there is a way to set privacy controls which prohibits your page from being viewed by anyone outside of your chosen contacts. If you tried to click on the words “privacy controls” you now know what I’m talking about. Kind of like privacy mode in myspace. Thirdly, since I’m able to check, respond to, and send tweets with my phone by using the twitter chat client Hahlo, I find it more convenient and less time consuming than I originally hypothesized.

All in all I like Twitter for all of the aforementioned reasons but there’s something else. It’s just fun! There’s nothing quite like receiving a direct message from peedie saying something cute and funny about a recent situation we encountered. We’re able to laugh and respond as many times as we want. It’s almost like your own private conversation. 140 character long bursts, of course. J

p.s. – Anyone else a member of, thinking about joining, or just recently joined twitter; hit me up lets build.

Halo 2.1
Twitterific 3.1

And finally, if that’s not enough here’s this video created by the Common Craft Show.