Dinner w/ the Arnold’s


9 responses to “Dinner w/ the Arnold’s

  1. ur mad dope with the pix yo

  2. Thanks a bunch Wes! Wes Lexner, ahaha. I crack up everytime I read that name. Well played! You’ll have to let me grab a couple shots of you for your own use.

  3. Don Arnold, II

    I see u, Carl!! B.A. All DAY!! Where’s my invite to the “Dinner”? haha 🙂

  4. ahha, you know you were in NC bro. Next time you slide through you got this meal, on me.


  5. Iron Chef!

    Quite the renaissance man


  6. i gotta get hip to this! carl garvin. when can i see this on tv one!

  7. haha. Carl Garvin. Who is that??? I’m just a dude eating off the land. Would be nice to have a youtube cooking show. “The Brothers”

  8. LOL! his name is G. Garvin he has a show on tv one. that cooking show is a good idea. that would be a fun way to promote the album.

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